Ceramic / Glass

Surfaces treated with our LIQUID GLASS GLASS PROTECT will form an invisible ultra-thin (nano) layer, which prevents dust and dirt from filling up the surface holes. Hence, the pollutants are easy to remove from the surfaces and therefore prolong the lifespan of the material. The coating is Scratch Resistant and is 6H in Hardness. It will provide a clearer and cleaner surface, also with a better visibility when apply on car windscreen.

Application Method

Apply evenly to clean dry surface. Allow to rest for 10 seconds then polish in a circular motion with a dry microfiber towel. Avoid water contact for at least 24 hours after application.

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Liquid Glass Glass Protect 100ml

Liquid Glass Glass Protect is designed to protect all types of glass and ceramic surfaces. An ultra thin (Nano) transparent protective layer protects the surface efficiently against rain, water, dirt and other common contaminated liquids. It is suitable for car windshield, window, shower screen, float glass, tiles, ceramics, quartz, basin, mirror, etc. Provides better and clearer visibility. 6H Scratch Resistant certified using ASTM D3363:2005.This water-base product is non-flammable and non-toxic.

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